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Soy Protein isolated

Model No.: HS Code 2106100000
Product Name: Soy Protein isolated
Product Origin: China
Standard: FCC, BP, USP
Brand Name: NC
PriceTerms: on sale
Supply Ability: Enough Stock
Detailed Product Description:

Chemical Analysis

Typical limits: %

Protein (N*6.25 dry base) min.90

Moisture max.7.0

Fat max.0.5

Ash max. 6.0

Crude Fiber max 1.0

Color Cream

Flavor neutral

   Function characters    :        
   Powder: water: oil 1:5:5             Good elasticity, oil and water can not be exuded       
   powder: water 1      4                    Good elasticity, good gloss       

Typical bacteriological analysis:

Standard plate count max. 3 0,000 per /g

E.coli negative

Yeast and mould max.100 per /g

Salmonella (in 25g) negative

Particle distribution

95% through 100# screen

Packing & Storage:

WDF-P ro 950E is supplied in 20Kg whiter or brown polylined paper bags within one layer’s Food grade PE inner bag.

Net weight: 20kgs/bag Gross weight: 20.3kgs/bag

The product should be stored in a dry cool place away from materials with strong odor. Following the above guidelines should insure 12-month shelf life.

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