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Malic Acid / DL-Malic Acid / L-Malic Acid (Cas No. 617-48-1)

Model No.: nc17
Product Name: Malic Acid / DL-Malic Acid / L-Malic Acid (Cas No. 617-48-1)
Product Origin: Zhengzhou,China
Standard: FCC IV
Brand Name: NC
PriceTerms: T/T,DP,L/C
Supply Ability: 100MT/MONTH
Detailed Product Description:

DL-Malic Acid with pure, gentle, smoothness, tenderness, lasting sour, salt, high solubility and stability characteristics. In the food industry as sourness agent, color retention agent, preservative, and egg yolk emulsion stabilizer, also used in the pharmaceutical.

E No:E296

CAS No:617-48-1;6915-15-7

Einecs No:210-514-9

HS Code:29181990.90

Specification:FCC IV

Routine Packing:25kg

Place of origin:China

QC:Haccp, Kosher, Hala,ISO

Payment terms:T/T or L/C

Port of dispapch:Shanghai,Tianjin,Qingdao

Applications:DL-Malic Acid for drinks, candy, jelly, jam, dairy products, canned foods, frozen foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, beverages, meat products , flavors, spices and pharmaceutical products.



Specification --FCC IV


DL-Malic Acid


White crystals or crystalline powder


99.0 - 100.5%

Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight


Melting point


Specific rotation

-0.10° --- +0.10°

Residue on ignition

< 0.10%

Water-insoluble substance

< 0.1%

Fumaric Acid

< 1.0%

Maleic Acid

< 0.05%

Heavy metals (Pb)

< 10 ppm


4 ppm

About DL-Malic Acid:
DL-Malic Acid is a sour agent as a food, especially suitable for jelly and fruit-based foods, E296 has the role to maintain the natural color of juice, E296 has anti-fatigue and enhance the liver, kidney, heart function, can be used health drink. DL-Malic Acid can enhance digestion and reduce harmful cholesterol, DL-Malic Acid to maintain normal blood pressure, blood sugar levels, also make the skin whitening, keep the skin smooth and moist, E296 is a new ideal health food or drug additives. E296 as a white or nearly white crystalline powder or granules, sour soft, non-irritating smell.

DL-Malic Acid food:
DL-Malic Acid apple juice in 1785 by Carl Wilhelm Scheele first isolated. Antoine Lavoisier in 1787 that it was from the Latin word for apple, mālum derived the name of the acide malique. DL-Malic Acid, green apple acidity. DL-Malic Acid is present in the grapes. E296 gives tart taste of wine, although the increase of fruit maturity and reduced. E296-lactic acid fermentation process to convert E296 lactic acid much more moderate.

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