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Xanthan Gum

Model No.: CAS No.: 11138-66-2, 11078-31-2
Product Name: Xanthan Gum
Product Origin: China
Standard: FCC
Brand Name: NC
PriceTerms: on sale
Supply Ability: Enough Stocks
Detailed Product Description:

Quality standard.: ( see table )

The quality conforms to FCC IV Standard.

Xanthan gum index




White-like or light-yellow free flowing powder



Loss on drying


PH value (1% solution)

6.0 – 8.0

1% Solution Viscosity


Shearing Ratio




Pyruvic Acid




Total Nitrogen


Total Heavy Metals

≤10 ppm

Particle size

80/120/200 mesh

Shelf life

2 years

Heavy metals


Physical & Chemical Properties.:

1, Tasteless, odorless & safety: U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1969 had approved xanthan gum used in food in 1983, FAO also had approved xanthan gum as the world's use of food additives, and not limits of its adding amount.

2, High viscosity: Compared with other multi-sugar solution, even in low concentrations but also have a very high viscosity, 1% aqueous solution viscosity is equivalent to gelatin 100 times, so it can be used as a good thickening and stability in agent.

3, Unique rheology: Under the shearing, the solution viscosity decreased rapidly, once the shearing lifted, the solution viscosity will immediately be restored, this feature gives foods such as ice cream, ham, sausage, juice and vegetable protein beverages, baked goods with a good taste. This feature also makes xanthan gum widely used in oil drilling and exploitation.

4, Good thermal stability: In a higher temperature range (-18-130 ) and preserving its unique features is the good accessories for production of frozen food and bakery.

5, Stability in acid-base: The viscosity is unaffected by acid-base effects, in the PH value of 1-12 can maintain the context of the original features, so it has a broad range of applications.

6, Strong anti-oxidant and anti-enzyme effect: It can still play a role even in the sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, biological activity Enzymes existence.

7, Compatibility: It can mixed with guar gum, Cassia bean gum and produce a useful synergy. This kind of adhesive can produce gel effect under certain conditions.

8, with high concentrations of salts, sugars coexist, remained stable in the thickening system.

9, It has a good suspension for the insoluble solids and oil droplets.

10, Microwave stability: It has formed a stable system, even if thaw in the microwave also have no impact on its performance.

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