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Potassium Citrate

Model No.: HS Code 2918150000
Product Name: Potassium Citrate
Product Origin: China
Standard: BP98 EP330 EP332 USP23 USP24
Brand Name: NC
PriceTerms: on sale
Supply Ability: Enough Stock
Detailed Product Description:
potassium citrate is a potassium salt of citric acid. It is a white, slightly hygroscopic crystalline powder. It is odorless with a saline taste.
Molecular formula C6H5K3O7
Molar mass : 306.395 g/mol
Appearance white powder hygroscopic
Odor odorless
Density 1.98 g/cm3
Melting point 180 °C[1]
Boiling point 230 °C[1]
Solubility in water soluble
Solubility soluble in glycerin insoluble in ethanol (95%)
As a food additive, potassium citrate is used to regulate acidity. Medicinally, it may be used to control kidney stones derived from either uric acid or cystine.
Potassium citrate is rapidly absorbed when given by mouth and is excreted in the urine as the carbonate. It is, therefore, effective in reducing the pain and frequency of urination when these are caused by highly acidic urine. It is used for this purpose in dogs and cats, but is chiefly employed as a non-irritating diuretic.
Potassium citrate is an effective way to treat/manage gout and arrhythmia, if the patient is hypokalemic. In common with other substances that render the urine alkaline, it may be used to reduce the danger of crystalluria during sulfonamide therapy.
It is widely used to treat urinary calculi (kidney stones), and is often used by patients with cystinuria. A study of 500 patients with recurrent stones found that it reduced the frequency of stones from 2 per year to a half per year. It is also used in many Soft drinks as a buffering agent.
It is also used as an alkanising agent in the treatment of mild urinary tract infections such as cystitis[2
Potassium citrate is usually administered by mouth in dilute aqueous solution. This is because of its somewhat caustic effect on the stomach lining, and the potential for other mild health hazards.
The maximum allowable over-the-counter (OTC) dose for elemental potassium is regulated by the FDA to be no more than 100 mg (approximately 3% of the daily allowance) Pure potassium citrate contains 38.28% potassium.
25kg plastic bag,1000kg pallet packing,500-1000kg bag etc.And we can offer various packing according to your requirements.
Escape from light,seal up and place it in the dry and shady room.
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