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L-Malic Acid

Model No.: 1
Product Name: L-Malic Acid
Product Origin: China
Standard: FCC, BP, VSP
Brand Name: NC
PriceTerms: on sale
Supply Ability: Enough Stock
Detailed Product Description:


White crystals or crystalline powder, fairly hygroscopic, dissolving easily in water and alcohol.

Chemical Name

L-hydroxy butanedioic Acid

Molecular Formula

C 4 H 6 O 5

Structural Formula

Molecular Weight


GB 13737-2008 )

Assay(as C 4 H 6 O 5 )

99.0% Min

Specific Rotation

-1.6 ~ -2.6


0.02% Max


0.004% Max

Arsenic [as As]

2mg/kg Max

Heavy Metals(as Pb)

10mg/kg Max


2mg/kg Max

Residue on ignition

0.10% Max

Clarity test


Fumaric Acid

0.5% Max

Maleic Acid

0.05% Max


As an acidulant, L-Malic acid is especially suitable for jelly and foodstuff containing Fruit ingredient. It can keep the natural color of juice. Used in healthy drinks, it can resist fatigue and protect liver, kidney and heart. L-Malic acid can enhance pharmaceutical stability and improve pharmaceutical absorption. It can be added into composite amino acid injection, directly participating the metabolic cycle of organism-Krebs cycle. It can reduce the metabolic loss of amino acid and can compensate hypohepatia, cure uremia and hypertension, and weaken the damage of anticancer drug to normoblasts. It is also used in skin disinfector, air depurative and deodorizer.


25KG net in Cardboard Drum with inner vacuum PE bag, 13.5MT/20FCL.


Kept airtightly in a light-proof, dry and cool place.

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