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Sodium Benzoate of Good Quality

Model No.: HS 2916310090
Product Name: Sodium Benzoate of Good Quality
Product Origin: Henan,China
Standard: BP/USP/ FCC/E211/EP
Brand Name: NC
PriceTerms: on sale
Supply Ability: Enough Stocks
Detailed Product Description:


1.Sodium benzoate mainly used in the food industry as food preservatives, such as used in soy sauce, vinegar, salt pickles, Fruit juice, jam, fruit wine, canned food, soft drinks, syrup, beverages, tobacco etc.

In the pharmaceutical industry, it used for the preparation of sedative drugs such as caffeine, and used in the pills syrup corrosion.

2. It is also used as anti-corrosion and anti-mildew for the rust-proof paper, latex paint, shoe polish, glue, fabric.

3. In addition, it can also be used as the mordant dye industry for dye industrial, and as the plasticizer for plastics industry, used as a as well as the spice of industrial raw materials.

4. It can be used in chemical reagent, used as a serum bilirubin test cosolvent.


1). Net 25 kg lined with PE plastic bag

2). According to customers' requirement

Quality standard.: ( see table )

The quality conforms to BP / USP / E211 / FCC / EP Standard.

Sodium benzoate index



Content (as dry product C 7 H 5 NaO 2 )


Loss on drying

≤1.5% after drying at 105 °C for four hours

Melting point for benzoic acid


Acidity or alkalinity

≤0.25 ml/N


≤3 ppm

Halogenide (Fecl 3 )


Heavy metal

≤10 ppm

Total Cl Content



≤5 ppm


≤1 ppm

Positive test of presence of benzoate and sodium

Qualified with regulations

Readily oxidizable substances

Qualified with regulations

Polycyclic acid

Pass test


≤200 ppm

Chlorinated organic compounds

< 600 ppm

Degree of acidity or alkalinity

Qualified with regulations

Dissoluble state

Pass test

Compound easy to be oxide

Pass test

Shelf life

2 years

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