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Sodium gluconate /Gluconic Acid Sodium

Model No.: CAS.NO:527-07-1
Product Name: Sodium gluconate /Gluconic Acid Sodium
Product Origin: China
Standard: food grade&Pharmaceutical grade
Brand Name: NC
Supply Ability: 5000MT/Month
Detailed Product Description:

Sodium Gluconate

Molecular formula: C6H11NaO7

CAS Registry Number: 527-07-1

Physical property: Sodium Gluconate is a kind of white powder. It is dissolve in water easiest, tiny dissolve in the ethanol, do not dissolve in aether.

Main Function: 1. In the medicine field, regulating acid-base balance in the body, to restore normal nerve. 2. It has excellent corrosion inhibition, has been widely used in water stabilizer. 3. It can be used to make metal surface cleaning agent. 4. It can be used as special cleaning agent for glass bottles. 5. It can be used as water-reducing admixtures, retarded admixtures in the construction industry. 6. It can also be used in electroplating, film manufacturing industry.

Quality Standard and Specification: BP2000, USP24, FCC (IV).

Storage and Transportation: This product should store in the aridity, the airiness environment, and it can be stored expire in 2 years. This product is the general chemicals, belonging to non- dangerous goods, taking strict precautions against sunlight irradiation, and avoids the rain inside of the package.


Packaging: 25 KG/bag (yellow leather paper bag, white leather paper bag)

Bucket Packing: 25KG/Bucket (yellow cardboard bucket)

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